Our passion is to ease complexity.

Solutions that work

A complete portfolio of integrated ICT solutions

Our solutions focus on processes and business applications that can be implemented in all sectors.

We also provide our customers with IT consulting, integration and maintenance. So we support employees in their daily tasks and integrate company-wide information processes.

Overview of services

  • Workspace
    From desktop virtualisation to complete cloud service
  • Communication
    Forging links between your employees and customers
  • Datacenter & Cloud
    Dynamic data centre and cloud services
  • Infrastructure
    The right basis for your corporate communications
  • Security
    A holistic approach to ICT security



High-performing companies are successful because they know that their employees are the key to success. They actively support their employees so that they can be productive, flexible and innovative.  

The future-ready workspace from SPIE ICS allows your employees to work together productively, safely and effectively at any place and at any time, by integrating all the necessary applications and information in one working environment.

Your advantages

  • Smooth transition
    thanks to detailed analysis and a sophisticated implementation process
  • A customised solution
    based on your business requirements
  • Flexible support
    thanks to the fast and straightforward service provide by one dedicated contact person
  • Worldwide availability around the clock
    thanks to the international and integrated global service centre network
  • Ongoing improvements
    thanks to continuous testing and evaluation of new technologies

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Effective collaboration using flexible communication tools is indispensable to the profitability of modern companies.

SPIE ICS provides a wide range of communication solutions for many global businesses, enabling them to use ultra-modern technologies with the greatest degree of cost effectiveness. This supports communication both on a local and on a global level.

Click on the individual tabs to find out more about our communication solutions:


Your advantages

  • Improving customer communication
  • Displaying employee availability
  • More successful contact making
  • Improving mobility and flexibility
  • Simplifying usability
  • Increasing convenience
  • Improving availability
  • Reacting more quickly
  • Saving on trips and costs

Convergence in all forms of communication

You can manage the switch to unified communications quickly, cost-effectively and without risk with the help of our experienced experts and our proven processes.

We show you how a Unified Communications solution can integrate functions such as e-mail, chat, fax, voicemail, telephony and audio and video conferencing into a single, high-performance system.

Our certified experts guarantee the smooth integration of your UC solution – from inception to implementation, based on Microsoft Lync, Cisco Unified Communications or Avaya Aura.

Take advantage of the unique UC experience that we have developed over the course of many successful unified communication projects.

Introduce video conferencing into your company successfully and you’ll save more than just travel costs!

SPIE ICS provides active advice and support from the planning phase via implementation to full operation and the ongoing development of your video service. Experienced experts help you to match video solutions and operational processes ideally so that you can gain the maximum return on your investment.

Our consultancy services range from manufacturer-independent product consulting to developing solution approaches – right to creating specifications for video conferencing techniques. We provide added value both in the preparatory phase (consulting, video ready scan) and during the entire implementation phase (detailed video design, project management, application and adoption).

We help to integrate the numerous benefits and application options provided by visual communication into our customers' daily business. The selection of relevant solutions depends on your personal requirements. We would be delighted to meet you face-to-face and offer you advice.


Your advantages

Our consulting service is set up in a modular way to give you the advice you need:

  • Appraisal
  • Using video to optimise processes
  • Video systems
  • Video infrastructure

Making customer service a real experience

You can develop the ideal platform for efficient and prompt customer service with our help. SPIE ICS provides the design implementation and maintenance of modern call and contact centre solutions and services, including automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), customer relation management, call recording, quality monitoring, performance management, self-service and multi-channel management or social media.

Our standards for contact centre service management are a guarantee of reliability and performance. So we help our customers provide their own customers with professional services and positively fulfil their expectations.

At a glance

  • Inbound and outbound language, multimedia and social media functions
  • Unified contact centre, self-services and workflow integration
  • SAP, Salesforce, Oracle Siebel and other CTI integrations
  • Dynamic SIP contact centre integration with Microsoft Lync
  • Best tools for reporting, workforce, recording, monitoring and management
  • Minimising redundancy and optimising capacity
  • Integrated telemarketing campaigns
  • Integrating your customers

IP and legacy telephony services

More and more organisations are choosing IP as a network standard and running IP telephony services on the same network as their computers. This results in significant savings on telephone charges – with internal telephone calls run over the internal network, for instance, and only one network having to be maintained at the same time.

We migrate your voice solutions from traditional PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These services can also be acquired from SPIE ICS on a “cost per telephone service” basis.

At a glance

Our many years of experience in migrating from traditional PBX systems to modern VoIP systems guarantee reliability when you change your communication solution.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • IPT infrastructure management
  • Remote management
  • Third level support

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Virtualisation changes the demands placed on the architecture of enterprise and computer centre networks dramatically. The days of the north-south client/server architecture are over. Application transactions more frequently involve several software levels in the company environment nowadays – and this is a growing trend.

We develop, implement and operate all elements of your data centre, based on best practice experience and tailored to your needs.

Let us guide you step-by-step along the way towards a virtualised computer centre. Connect the worlds between LAN/SAN and set up your network so that it is ideally matched to your business requirements.


Your advantages

  • Reduced
    hardware costs
  • Simpler
    system management
  • Green IT:
    reduced electricity consumption
  • Savings
    on building occupancy expenses, improved use of space
  • Reduced TCO
  • Modular provision
    for enterprise LAN, data centre and storage
  • One contact person
    for the entire network and storage infrastructure
  • Datacenter consulting
  • Solution design
  • Consolidating DC infrastructures
  • Automating data centre processes
  • System management
  • Integrating unified computing solutions
  • Consulting and support in transferring to new data centre target architectures

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IP Connectivity

Based on many years of experience and industrial best practice, we implement and operate company networks using products from leading manufacturers.

A modern network allows you to swiftly migrate to the latest corporate communication solutions, using VoIP or Unified Communications, for instance. Upgrading the network to include wireless networks (WLAN) and mobile network access boosts productivity through mobility.

Depending on your specific needs and requirements, we can develop a customised IP network with outstanding features.

Your advantages

  • Sufficient capacity
    to ensure the performance of your applications
  • High availability
    guaranteeing the continuity of business processes
  • Inherent security
    to preserve network and data confidentiality and integrity
  • Proven administration
    and monitoring tools for ongoing care

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IT Security

All aspects of information technology – from access via data, to workload and computing power – are all becoming more mobile, more dynamic and more interactive. And ever faster too. These deep-rooted changes mean that our traditional approach to network security is no longer relevant. 

The security procedures of the future will focus on dynamic computing power and data. The old panaceas no longer provide solutions because every company is different and runs at its own individual tempo.

Our security specialists are able to plan and implement a security system that is adapted to your individual requirements, and they can also carry out regular checks on the system for vulnerability.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive
    security solutions
  • Integrated
    optimally into your company infrastructure
  • Experienced
    security experts at your disposal
  • Services
    tailored to your needs and requirements
  • Support centre
    available around the clock
  • Risk analysis
  • Development of technical security concepts for all sub-areas of your IT infrastructure
  • Development of security guidelines
  • Perimeter security and VPN
  • Planning security zones and network access control
  • Safeguarding voice infrastructures
  • Overall planning and realisation of secure IT infrastructures
    (identity management, access security, firewall and remote access)

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Healthcare Solutions

Solutions for the most complex requirements
Efficient voice and data communication in hospitals, residential and nursing homes can save lives.

As a full service provider we offer you tailor-made consulting and implementation. And we can also look after and operate your communication network. SPIE ICS integrates technologies and applications to create efficient communication, alarm and localisation solutions.


Your advantages

  • Fast and reliable alarm transmission
  • Multimedia communication with patient rooms
  • Permanent staff availability
  • Pertinent information about room occupancy

The introduction of a localisation solution simplifies the maintenance, alarm and communication processes with your residents.
Mobile alarm for patients
The emergency call device on the patient’s wrist with localisation via WLAN makes it possible to request targeted help in real time and in pre-defined coverage areas – all without delay, even when the patients are not in their room and their location is unknown.

More security for your residents
Protect disoriented patients with an automatic alarm system if they leave pre-defined zones or by automatically locking the door if a patient approaches it without being accompanied by nursing staff.
More mobility with WLAN
SPIE ICS has invested in modern wireless networks for its localisation solutions. This investment is particularly worthwhile if you also network telephony, data and Internet transmission using this technology. You can open up new options for using time, place and space.

Your advantages

  • Site-independent tracking and alarm system
  • Freedom of movement for residents
  • Varied communication infrastructure (language/data/Internet for residents)
  • Simplified working processes
  • Standardised, proven, upgradable technology
  • An experienced and reliable partner who understands your requirements
  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • On-site and field service
  • Maintenance and support platform



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